For the love of the match


Fashion and tennis have been intertwined since even before René Lacoste decided to take his nickname, “the Crocodile,” and apply it to an international clothing line or Serena Williams made her trademark appearance frosted in dangling diamond earrings or stacks of diamond rings.

Here are a few images from’s archives of famous players:






1. Ana Ivanović 2009

2. Gaël Monfils 2009

3. Andy Murray 2010

4. Novak Djokovic 2011

5. Serena Williams 2003


The last of summer weekends




On grooming


I’ve been planning to get a haircut sometime by the end of this month and this photo of  Leandra’s got me convinced that I should pepper in a few highlights.

P.S. If it wasn’t already obvious, The Man Repeller is kind of my (no longer) secret lady crush.

Her and Olivia Wilde.

Mark your calendars


Pirelli’s supermodel studded 2014 calendar is looking absolutely flawless. And as much as these images might cause me to immediately put down my bowl of  ice cream and perform extensive research on the next “it” juice cleanse I feel that on my more optimistic days it might be a source of inspiration to go out for a jog or even just have a more beautiful outlook on life (was that a run on sentence?). I’m conflicted. In other (and only a little unrelated) news, Zara has got me looking forward to fall, the way only Zara could.



Phillip Lim x Target

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 10.41.40 PM

Shit is about to get real on September 15th.

Is anyone else peeing themselves about that fact that this mini Pashli satchel lookalike in black is going for $34.99???

And while we are on the topic of Phillip Lim check out this fall 2013 video. He does everything right.

FALL 2013 WOMEN’S SONOMAMA from 3.1PhillipLim on Vimeo.

Immediacy (or lack thereof)


This whole living under the poverty level thing is suppose to ween out after your early 20s right?

Obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re a lucky bitch with a trust fund. I don’t mean bitch. In fact I want to be said bitch with a trust fund.

What prompted this was an apartment viewing that both Colette and I went to last week in which there was a 5-floor walk up and a shower stall in the kitchen.

What??? I know, I dont’ even…

God please help a sister out and grant me some pesos. I swear I’m worth it.

But seriously, a shower stall outside of the bathroom?

Clearly I’m still having my reaction.


Can I live?



Jay-Z   x   Chanel

Live every week like its shark week




These shark tooth accessories are momentarily very relevant (but maybe not as relevant as this?)

I know its old news.

via fashiongonerogue

Eau de perfection


The Chanel maison is really looking to be a heart-breaker to thousands via its resort 2014 collection.

I think I’m having a Romeo & Juliet level relationship with this perfume clutch (translation: I might die/ DNR wristbands anyone?).

Love sounds a bit dramatic but its the first word that come to mind.