The New Professionals

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Wear2Focus is a site catered to young career women. Advice and fashion for work? Totally RELEVANT.

Clean, sharp and focused. Just like the next CEO-in-training.

Check it Out: WEAR2FOCUS


Home is where the beach is.


A few pieces of Labor Day weekend back home.

1) Dad let me take his Scotty Cameron putter with Swarovski crystals to the course (I’ve already decided that it is mine) 2) Getting my juice onnn with a summer read  and my Zara scarf  3) Ralph Lauren bikini top, Juicy Couture bikini bottoms, J.Crew anchor keychain, Gap shoes, Chanel lacquer iphone case  4) Court-side with my younger brother

Let’s get weird.

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You are lying if you don’t find this site hilarious/amusing/adorable/strangelyhot.

check it : deshommesetdeschatons


The last of summer weekends




On grooming


I’ve been planning to get a haircut sometime by the end of this month and this photo of  Leandra’s got me convinced that I should pepper in a few highlights.

P.S. If it wasn’t already obvious, The Man Repeller is kind of my (no longer) secret lady crush.

Her and Olivia Wilde.

Phillip Lim x Target

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Shit is about to get real on September 15th.

Is anyone else peeing themselves about that fact that this mini Pashli satchel lookalike in black is going for $34.99???

And while we are on the topic of Phillip Lim check out this fall 2013 video. He does everything right.

FALL 2013 WOMEN’S SONOMAMA from 3.1PhillipLim on Vimeo.

Eau de perfection


The Chanel maison is really looking to be a heart-breaker to thousands via its resort 2014 collection.

I think I’m having a Romeo & Juliet level relationship with this perfume clutch (translation: I might die/ DNR wristbands anyone?).

Love sounds a bit dramatic but its the first word that come to mind.

An eye for an eye.




Sous Vide, Alginates & Transglutaminase?



So maybe it’s a bit too early to dabble in Haute Cuisine (or try our hand at molecular gastronomy) but Colette has definitely veered us towards a more disciplined culinary path. She recently purchased a cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow for clean eating and the recipes all seem encouragingly do-able (Might I add that the plates set against a farm-beach hybrid sort of paradise makes it all the more enticing).

I think the kitchen has just experienced an upgrade.

Think pickled beets and curry tofu in place of frozen veggie burgers and salads containing whatever vegetable we could dig up from the fridge.

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”


Bambi Denim Overalls / Zara jumpsuit / Jumpsuits and romper / Zara romper / Converse toe cap, $79 / Jennifer Meyer Jewelry charm necklace / Prada , $410

All those who have fallen in love with the words of Antoin de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince shake your tail-feathers!

A fitting quote I think in regards to trends that seem to spring back to life from your childhood. Rompers, jumpers, chucks and kicks, even if you lack the stamina of your more youthful years, these pieces will surely make others think otherwise. Oh yes, and add overalls to that list. Now, once this NYC rain decides to give in I will be glad to sport any of these in the summer heat. I wait (not so) patiently in my Hunter wellies…