The New Professionals

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Wear2Focus is a site catered to young career women. Advice and fashion for work? Totally RELEVANT.

Clean, sharp and focused. Just like the next CEO-in-training.

Check it Out: WEAR2FOCUS


Blogger Chicks

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Left to Right: Chiara of TheBlondeSalad, Aimee of SongofStyle, Nicole of GaryPepperGirl, and Jessica of TuulaVintage

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Left to Right: Andy of StyleScrapbook, Margaret of ShinebyThree, Aimee of SongofStyle, and Carolina of FashionSquad

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Left to Right: Margaret of ShinebyThree, Danielle of WeWoreWhat, Jules of SincerelyJules and Vanessa of TheHautePursuit

What’s greater than oogling the outfits of gorgeous blogger crushes?

Oogling them en masse.

Fashion events like NYFW always draw out the best of the best. And lucky for us they all seem to know each other.

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Throwback Thursday

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There’s an auction in London this month that’s got Kate Moss’ face all over it.

On the streets of NYFW

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I spy a few of my favorite bloggers 🙂

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J.Crew Fall 2013

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I’m ready for sweater weather!

Martin Bogren’s tractor boys

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For the love of the match


Fashion and tennis have been intertwined since even before René Lacoste decided to take his nickname, “the Crocodile,” and apply it to an international clothing line or Serena Williams made her trademark appearance frosted in dangling diamond earrings or stacks of diamond rings.

Here are a few images from’s archives of famous players:






1. Ana Ivanović 2009

2. Gaël Monfils 2009

3. Andy Murray 2010

4. Novak Djokovic 2011

5. Serena Williams 2003

Mark your calendars


Pirelli’s supermodel studded 2014 calendar is looking absolutely flawless. And as much as these images might cause me to immediately put down my bowl of  ice cream and perform extensive research on the next “it” juice cleanse I feel that on my more optimistic days it might be a source of inspiration to go out for a jog or even just have a more beautiful outlook on life (was that a run on sentence?). I’m conflicted. In other (and only a little unrelated) news, Zara has got me looking forward to fall, the way only Zara could.



Scott Schuman x Coach

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Coach is one of those brands that after high school seems to fade into the background and become overshadowed by the more trendy offerings of “fast fashion” retailers such as Zara or the ever popular Tory Burch and Kate Spade. Also as we got older and set our eyes higher Coach got some pretty hefty big-ballers to deal with. What is Coach when we are still lusting over (and counting quarters for) the Céline trapeze bag or a Chanel quilted lambskin purse.

That being said, it appears that Coach has decided to bring itself back and become relevant. Enters Scott Schuman (or more famously, the Sartorialist).






“You out-of-state fakes get your ipads stolen.”

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