Overlooked and Undergrown

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Because lets be honest, growing up just means more responsibilities without the praise and compliments.
But for all of us who still feel like kids in big people clothes, NYC sympathizes. And it gives us boozy pops.
Rooftop hunting (the summer equivalence to bar-hopping) only ends when the weather says so and while the sun is still on full swing let’s meet up at Loopy Doopy bar and talk about our hopes and dreams over alcohol and popsicles. Because as one friend reminded us, we have so many hopes and dreams.

Below are a few examples:

1. Co-collaborate with God (in life in general) the way Kanye collaborates with him in Yeezus (also speak Swaghili). Where are our stacks of millions?

2. Cut a croissant, stuff in a donut, figure out how to acquire a trademark and viola! I present you with the Doissant™, the cronut’s (more refined in name but less so in appearance) enemy. Because New Yorkers are crazy and wait in line for HOURS to dish out $5 for what really is a buttery, flakey donut. Actually, that sounds pretty good…
*Leandra of The Manrepeller puts it in the best terms: “I continue to wonder why New Yorkers become so damn obsessive about anything that seems limited edition, novel, highly regal, cheap or all of the above. You’d think Isabel Marant was already in-stores at H&M.”

What do you think??


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