Mary Katrantzou / Mary Katrantzou / Mary Katrantzou leather zipper pouch, $235

Mary Katrantzou has debuted her resort line and it is far from disappointing.

While browsing vogue.com as I simultaneously nurse a rather severe food induced coma (that’s what happens when the boys declare taco night) I came upon a piece about her most recent collection. These prints are by far my favorite of hers yet. They’re whimsical and feminine and she still manages to keep the integrity of her hyper-pigmented and utterly surreal style that is reflected in her past lines. The formality of these pieces will make it difficult to wear every day or every night but lets pretend for a moment that we’ve just booked a vacation to Bora Bora and are now on our way to our scheduled shiatsu massage which while be followed by a gloriously luxurious caviar facial and a stroll through Bergdorf’s.

Yes, in that life a Katrantzou piece would fit in swimmingly.

But who am I kidding, the prices aren’t impossible. Wear the crap out of these things at your next low-key happy hour with friends or while grabbing brunch on a quiet and lazy Sunday afternoon. Pieces like these are meant to be seen. Always.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a little ‘resort’ therapy.


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