Charlotte Olympia slip on shoes / Charlotte Olympia planet shoes, $795 / Charlotte Olympia leather shoes / Charlotte Olympia / Charlotte Olympia / Charlotte Olympia leather shoulder bag / Charlotte Olympia zipper pouch


Charlotte Dellal really knows how to get to a girl’s heart. Her collections continue to boast deliciously cute pieces (cat slippers and perfume clutches anyone?) and now I’ve fallen in love with her film-inspired collection. I’ll be the first to admit that despite Charlotte Olympia being classically known for shoes I find the recent  clutches to be more up my alley. More specifically I really really want/like/must have/would adopt the box office Pandora clutch.

Although I’ve begun to see a trend in my purchases (gold Tory Burch loafers, gold Kate Spade armadillo coin purse, gold ring hair-tie…) I feel its perfectly acceptable to go ahead and “gild” yourself a little. Don’t worry, I don’t throw these pieces on all at once (and I won’t judge you if you do). That would make me very much like a magpie and before I know it I’ll be snatching shiny things from others to attract a mate. Also, what a terribly unfortunate name, magpie, because the bird itself is actually quite pretty.

I digress.

Back to Charlotte Olympia, if any of the pieces catch your fancy you can browse them  here


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