OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I seem to have been stuck in what appeared to be a never-ending manic month. With trying to juggle my work, research, classes and a staggered exam schedule that made me want to pull my hair out, I finally found some time to visit my brother. And it’s not even that I am particularly busy (this article has made me certain of that), I just don’t feel like doing anything. Wasn’t the last semester of fourth year suppose to be filled with all-day reminiscing with friends and all-night happy hours? I would very much like to kick up my heels and graciously accept the senioritis that is long overdue. Complacency is the name of the game (in which I am clearly not an active participant). But I digress.

Xander and I grabbed our books and headed to a coffee shop to remain as squatters for a few hours in hopes of some productivity. Our focus gave way to conversations about classes, summer break, Louis CK, and working for the government. Our talk eventually ended with us on youtube watching “I’m Shmacked” clips. Looking back, our lack of direction makes me question our mental stamina. It must be our genes. In any case, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is refreshed and ready for the start of a new week!

p.s. the number of times I’ve worn my Homiés sweater in this past month alone is borderline abusive.


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